Black Lives Matter

This Practice takes an anti-racist stance and will ever be racial justice allied.  While I have conventionally thought that voicing certain opinions or beliefs might be viewed as mixing politics with treatment and therefore potentially deter from the focus of therapy, this practice believes deeply that this movement is far more significant and critical than mere politics.  This message is not about trying to tell anyone what to believe or how they should live, but rather to illustrate where this Practice stands on these critical issues and with whom we stand.  


Over the years, there has been what seems to be a profound lack of empathy within our “modern society,” for the plight of others in different socioeconomic environments, and this seems to be getting worse in the current social and political climate.  In more recent years it seems that this lack of empathy appears to be coupled with an astounding spiritual blindness that I truly do not understand yet.  While some may not know what was meant by that last statement, please consider this:


Perhaps your experiences and worldview may be shaped in such a way that your perspective does not allow you see that others, who are different than you, may in fact have had a very different experience (harder, with less opportunity, more oppression, more judgement, and micro-aggressions) in this life than you, through no fault of theirs or their predecessors.  Consider that we are ALL part of a system that has allowed this for far too long.  Consider that some may have valid reasons to not trust in the law and said system.  Consider that virtually every attempt at peaceful protest has been met with venom and ridicule; and that’s on a good day.  Consider that while you may have had hardships, may have worked very hard for all you have accomplished, may have been poor or destitute, or may have experienced terrible trauma, the experience of Black Americans in this country transcends wealth, education, talent, social environment, privilege, and vocation. In other words, consider that those abovementioned socioeconomic factors DO NOT prevent many Black Americans from becoming marginalized, oppressed, misjudged, feared, humiliated, fearful, otherwise harmed, and/or killed. Consider that the reason that some might have a very different perspective than you are that they grew up in a different United States than you, with a very different American experience. Until one can wrap their mind around that, they will be blind to White Privilege.


Please don’t misunderstand, this message is not condoning crime of any kind.  This Practice also values our police and other first responders with the utmost respect.  Nevertheless, if we look at the data, the root causes of the issues, and attempt to truly empathize with our fellow human beings, it might reveal that current events had unconscionable and horrific precursors.